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Already used by 200,000 Restaurants in Europe alone, DISH (Digital Innovations and Solutions for Hospitality) offers a simple to use suite of digital tools, which will boost your business, increase your sales and optimise your profits and workflow.

Now DISH has launched in the UK.

DISH is the global market leader for digital solutions in the hospitality sector.


Seat more guests with our online reservation management system. 

DISH Reservation

Create your own website in a matter of minutes. 

DISH Website

Drive more traffic from Google with your own business profile. 

DISH Weblisting

Panagiotis Xanthopoulos 

For me it was a great success to be able to manage my website so quickly and easily

Pizza Koons - (Berlin)

Katrin Rosentrit 

The way DISH helps us the most is by enabling easy access to all tools – with one single login



Our products have been built by hospitality experts to bring your business online, attract more customers and increase your profits.

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A suite of tools designed to increase sales and optimise profits and workflow

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Account & Subscription

Why should I use DISH to manage my reservations?
DISH is the only unified reservations, delivery and takeaway system with absolutely no commission or transaction fee. You will be part of the 

METRO Retail network with 20 million members worldwide and your restaurant will be promoted within that network. 

How do I join DISH?
Head to our website and choose the plan that fits you the best (DISH Professional is free until 31st Jan), sign up with your mobile phone and 

email and follow the quick and easy steps to have your account all set-up.  

How do I handle my account details?
If you want to change your account details such as email, phone and password, just login into DISH and click on “Account & Settings” 

under the account icon on the top right corner. You will find the option to modify your account information as well as the notification settings. 

I forgot my password, what should I do?
On the login page, simply click on “Forgot Password?” and insert either your account email or phone number, to be sent a reset link. 

Can I add multiple venues to the same account?
DISH makes it possible to manage all your venues from the same account, saving you time and energy. 

To add a venue to your account just login to DISH and click on “My Establishments” under the account icon on the top right corner. 
On the top row you will find a drop-down menu where you will be able to select the existing venues or add a new one.

How do I change my plan?
To manage your plan and subscriptions, click on “My Establishments” under the account icon on the top right corner. On the top row 

you will find the option “Manage my subscriptions”, where you will be able to upgrade your plan, purchase add-ons and cancel your subscription.

Can I add team members to the app?
Managing bookings in a busy restaurant is not a one-man job. DISH allows the addition of as many co-workers as needed, each one with its own permissions and roles for each of the DISH tools. To manage your plan and subscriptions, click on “My Establishments” under the account icon 

on the top right corner after logging in. On the top row you will find the option “My Team”, where you will be able to manage your team.

I want to purchase a tool that is not included in my plan, how do I do that?
Adding a tool to your account has never been so easy. Log into the DISH website and click on the “Tools” button on the top menu. 

How do I cancel my DISH account?
If you want to cancel your DISH account, just login into DISH and click on “Account & Settings” under the account icon on the top right corner. 

The option to Delete your account is at the bottom right of the page. Please be aware that this action cannot be undone.

DISH Reservation

What is DISH Reservation?
Dish Reservation is the tool that allows you to manage and control all bookings made online, via phone and email. 

Our algorithm automates table allocation for reservations and gives you more time to interact with your guests.

How do I set up DISH Reservation?
Once logged in to your DISH account, click on the DISH Reservation icon to be prompted to the setup page. You will be asked some 

basic information such as opening hours, the number of tables/seats in your business and offers available. 

Can I integrate the DISH Reservation on my website?
Yes, our reservation widget can be integrated within your DISH website or any other website. 

How do I access the DISH Reservation dashboard?
Just login with your DISH account and head to DISH Reservation to be prompted to the Reservation Dashboard

How do I assign a reservation to a specific table?
During the initial setup you will be asked whether you prefer a seat-based setup or table-based setup. You can change the setup later under Settings>Tables/Seats bearing in mind that all table assignments from existing reservations will be removed.

If you choose to use seat-based setup, reservations will be managed according to the total number of seats available.

If you choose table-based setup, all reservations will be assigned one or more tables automatically. You will have the possibility to modify the automatically assigned tables. Only you can see the assigned tables. Your guests are not shown tables during the reservation process.

How do I upload or change my menu?
You can create your menu to be displayed on your website by clicking on “Menu” on the left column of your Reservation dashboard. 
An easy step-by-step process will guide you through this operation. 

A customer made a booking on the phone, can I insert the reservation in the system?
Of course, by registering walk-ins and phone bookings you can make sure that your booking database is complete. 

A completed database will be able to provide you with a more detailed analytics report.

Can I use the data gathered through DISH Reservation for business purposes?
We store your guest data in a legally compliant manner. All guests who agree to have their data saved will remain in your database 

for one year, otherwise data is removed after 14 days. You have the possibility to download your guest data, however please note that 
as per data privacy laws (GDPR), it may not be legal to use their contact information for offers and promotions unless you have permission 
from the customer to do so.    

How does the feedback feature work?
One day after their visit, your guests receive an email / SMS asking them to give feedback about their dining experience. 

Feedback is limited to one response per reservation and only your guests can provide it. Your guests may choose to provide their 
feedback anonymously. You can choose to publish and display reviews on your DISH website. If you want to publish feedback on your 
own website, you can find instructions here.

Too many guests turned up unexpectedly, can I stop the reservation tool?
Yes, you can by clicking on the pause button on the bottom left of your DISH Reservation dashboard. Your reservations via online

 widget and Google will be paused for a fixed period of time, unless you choose to resume them again. Please note that you and your staff 
will be able to continue creating reservations manually.

My restaurant closes early on a certain day, how can I let my customers know without changing the ordinary business hours?
You can now configure exceptions to your regular reservation hours to ensure that guests don't arrive when you are closed for business! 

Just head to Settings>Hours and add an exception.

COVID19: Is there an option to gather more information about the guests for track and trace purposes?
Yes. Normally we would ask for only one person’s details, but due to the current situation a new feature has been added in the 

Reservation Dashboard under settings>reservations, which allows you to collect relevant data from all the guests for track and trace purposes. 

DISH Website

How do I setup my restaurant’s website?
Once your order is complete you can start setting up your restaurant’s website. Head to the DISH WEBSITE section and click “get started” 

to be prompted to the set-up wizard. Select the opening hours, services and features that best reflect your business among a multitude of 
options available.

Once all the steps have been completed you will be able to preview your website and go back to any section which you may want to edit a
gain before launching. Don’t worry, all the details can also be updated later from the website dashboard. 

How do I access the website’s dashboard?
Log in to DISH, select the desired venue (if more than one) and click on the DISH Website tool. You will be prompted to your website’s 
dashboard, where you will find useful analytics and the website editor. Your website can be fully customized in colour, fonts and images, the combinations are endless!

What information is displayed on the website?
The website displays all the useful information for your business such as address, contact details, opening hours and social media profiles, 

as well as menus, services and payment options available.

Is the DISH Website free?
DISH Website is included in both Starter and Pro plans and comes with no extra cost. 

I want to link my social media profiles to the website, how do I do it?
Social media links can be added at the bottom of the “restaurant details” section of your website dashboard.

DISH Weblisting

What is DISH Weblisting?
Dish Weblisting is a tool that allows you to be easily found on-line and manage your Business Listing on Google. All in one place. 

How do I access DISH Weblisting?
To access DISH Weblisting you will have already created your website with DISH Website, or any other provider. Once logged into the 

dashboard, click on DISH Weblisting in the menu, to be prompted to the Weblisting section. 

How do I setup my Weblisting?
There is a comprehensive setup guide that requires just a few details from your business, as well as a link to your business website. 

Once you have completed all the required fields, your website is ready to be listed and found on-line.

How do I maintain my Weblisting?
Once the profile is set up, you should ensure that your details and opening hours are up-to date in order to keep your customers informed. 

You can also manage your reviews and publish posts on Google, to update your potential or existing customers about news, special offers 
or changes with regards to your business. The posts will appear prominently on your listing on Google Search and Google Maps.

Is DISH Weblisting free?  
DISH Weblisting is included in both Starter and Premium plans and lists your business on Google MyBusiness and Google Maps. DISH Weblisting PREMIUM can be added to your current plan for as little as a pound a day: this tool will help you to present your business on all relevant online platforms with 100% correct data - and manage customer feedback to receive better ratings.

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Digital tools 
tailor-made for hospitality

Digital tools tailor-made for hospitality.

Our products have been built by hospitality experts to bring your business online, attract more customers and increase your profits.




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Everything in one place

A suite of tools designed to increase sales and optimise profits and workflow

Professional & Starter Plans

Tailored to the needs of your business


All our tools work on your computer as well as mobile and tablet devices with the DISH App